Lateltin History

There for you for more than 120 years

Federico Lateltin – a descendent of the Walser – founded his wine trading company in Zurich in 1899. Over the next 120 years, Lateltin’s pioneering work and innovation kept the Swiss spirits market constantly on the move. This Swiss family company is independent.



Federico Lateltin founds Lateltin as a single-person company. The object of the company is recorded as being trade in wine.


Change of ownership

Lateltin changes hands: it is taken over by Jakob Lichtenberger, a member of the family behind the famous spirit company Jacobi. The single-person company becomes an AG. 



Lateltin moves to its new home on Haldenstrasse in Zurich.


Abraham Pluznik

Abraham Pluznik joins the company as the representative for French-speaking Switzerland.


Leading company

Abraham Pluznik takes over Lateltin and transforms it into one of Switzerland’s top companies in its sector. The development of national spirit brands is promoted under his leadership. Jsotta thus occupies a leading market position in the vermouth sector and Berghof is top in the domestic fruit distillate sector.


Pioneering work

Between 1950 and 1970, Lateltin lives up to its reputation for pioneering work. It is the first company to develop the popular pocket bottle, makes a name for itself as the developer of original gift packaging, and brings new consumption ideas to the Swiss market in the form of shot glass servings. Lateltin also launches the trend for rum in Switzerland with Parker’s Cresta Rum. 


30th anniversary



The famous Lanz-Ingold distillery is acquired. This means that Lateltin now has direct access to domestic fruit distillate production.



Berthold Pluznik

Abraham Pluznik dies at the end of 1975. His son Berthold Pluznik takes over the company as the second generation.



Bull Vodka

The Red Bull vodka liqueur brand is launched in 1995 and quickly becomes a market leader in its segment. The range gains additional colours and flavours in future years.


New company name

From 1996, Lateltin focuses its activities in Zurich. For a few years it uses the company name Lateltin Lanz Ingold. 



Thanks to extremely strong sales growth of over 150% between 2000 and 2006, Lateltin moves to new premises in Winterthur in July 2007.


Sandro Vetterli

Berthold Pluznik stands down as head of Lateltin AG after nearly four decades. Sandro Vetterli becomes the company CEO. The company remains in the family’s hands, and Berthold Pluznik stays on as Chairman of the Board. 

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