Lateltin Production

Modern production in Winterthur

We blend and filter 25 to 25,000 litres per batch at our modern production facility in Winterthur. We guarantee top quality at all stages of processing. We use our extensive experience to support and advise you with your plans.

A range of all possible spirits

We produce containers that hold from 20 ml all the way up to 4,500 ml. Using our versatile machinery pool, we can semi-automatically fill bottles made of glass, PET or metal in a variety of sizes. The liquids we bottle include spirits, liqueurs, fortified wines, culinary oils and kitchen vinegars. We would be happy to advise you on customisation options.

Large tank depot and lots of storage capacity

Our more than 190 tanks, in sizes ranging from 300 to 26,500 litres, offer a total capacity of around a million litres. The adjacent warehouse can hold around 4,000 pallets that can be stored at room temperature conditions.

Your contact

Martin Strotz

Operations Manager

052 234 45 11

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