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Berentzen has been specialising in indulgent drinks for 250 years. Berentzen’s apple flavours are particularly successful here, but other products like peach and cranberry are also very popular. Exceptional quality is the watchword for the production process. Wheat grain forms the basis of all Berentzen products. Berentzen stands for top quality and a natural approach.


Berentzen Apple

18% vol.

Enjoy the fruit classic: Berentzen Apple. A blend of sun-ripened apples and fine distilled wheat grain. Made to a traditional recipe, Berentzen apple with its 18% alcohol content offers a characteristically classic, mild flavour.

Available as: 700ml



Berentzen Double Grain

38% vol.

Exclusively high-quality, ripe grains are used to make Berentzen Double Grain. It is distilled twice, leaving only delicate grain flavours in the finished product. Berentzen Double Grain has a particularly mild, pure taste that sits softly on the tongue. It is best enjoyed served straight and chilled. In mixed drinks, it goes particularly well with lime juice and cola.

Available as: 700ml



Berentzen Sour Apple

16% vol.

Berentzen Sour Apple is a very pleasant experience. With its combination of sweetness and sharpness, this schnapps brings some variety to a fruity range. At 16% vol., it is a true delight either straight or with a mixer.

Available as: 20ml, 500ml PET, 700ml