MONIN is the top choice for barkeepers all over the world! MONIN stands for innovative aromas, creative recipe ideas, customised solutions and endless flavour combinations that are limited only by our imagination. There are more than 150 flavours to choose from, ensuring an infinite range of options for applications and taste choices.

Monin Syrup

MONIN Premium syrups are made from the best natural fruit flavours, spices, herbs and many other ingredients, ensuring an unbelievably wide range and helping to produce very special drinks.

Available as: 250ml, 700ml



Monin Le Fruit

Refreshing fruity drinks, simply created! A unique formula containing at least 50% fruit, offering new opportunities for smoothies, cocktails, mocktails and all fruit-based recipes.

Available as: 1000ml



Monin Gourmet Sauces

Authentic flavours and creamy textures make Monin sauces true gourmet artists for use as toppings, in coffee and milk creations, or in cocktail recipes.

Available as: 500ml



Monin Concentrates

A range of must-have products as the basis for lemonades, teas, cold brews and for use in virgin cocktails.

Available as: 700ml, 1000ml


Monin Liqueur

Made from top-quality fruit, flowers and spices. The aromas and also the appealing colours herald high quality.

Available as: 700ml