The name Nordés is a tribute to the north-east wind of the same name that provides good weather to the Spanish region of Galicia. Nordés is produced in the small Vedra distillery near to the city of Santiago de Compostela. The white Albariño grapes used to make Nordés are the heart and soul of the gin.


Nordes Gin

40% vol.

Eleven natural plant ingredients (botanicals) are added during maceration, six of which come from Galicia and five from abroad. This mixture gives the premium gin its uniquely fresh and aromatic character.

A well-balanced, aromatic gin with white flower, lemon verbena and ginger notes, harmoniously combined with touches of eucalyptus, bay leaf and mint. These are joined by delicate floral and fruity aromas plus a subtle hint of juniper.

Fresh and fruity with bay leaf and juniper notes.

Serving suggestion
Pour 50 ml of Nordés Gin and 200 ml of tonic into a chilled glass and decorate it with sage leaves. A unique preparation showcasing the gin’s herb aromas – a gin & tonic for any occasion.

Available as: 50ml miniature, 700ml, 3 litre magnum