Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PMC 01 2013

Each specific terroir is responsible for which flavours a single malt can develop. This can be seen in particular in the Port Charlotte PMC: 01. The newcomer in our Cask Exploration series spent the second half of its maturation period in Pomerol casks from Bordeaux (wines from the right bank of the Gironde and the Dordogne). This site is famous for its outstanding red wines, which derive their special character from the nature of the soils and the corresponding aromatics of the grapes.

The velvety, elegant wines embody their origin, which is characterised by a warm climate and bluish coloured limestone and sandy soils.
The PMC: 01 tells the story of these vineyards. Loaded with the fruity aromas of black berries, plums and old leather of the Pomerol cask, it is perfectly complemented by the salty maritime influences of the Hebridean island of Islay, where our Port Charlotte matures.

ALTER: 9 Jahre, Jahrgang 2013
ABFÜLLUNG: in der Brennerei mit purem Islay-Quellwasser, keine Kältefiltration, ohne Zusatz von Farbstoffen
ALKOHOLGEHALT: 54,5 % vol.