NEW – Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2012

With the Islay Barley Series, Bruichladdich highlights the great influence of "terroir" on the individual character of a single malt whisky. This is based on the conviction that the combination of soil conditions, climate and microclimate, geographical location and local rainfall has a noticeable influence on the quality and flavour profile of a spirit.

If one consciously chooses a particular origin when selecting the raw materials, this unique geographical expression will also be able to be represented accordingly in the taste of the whisky. Nowhere else is this philosophy more evident than on the wild Hebridean island of Islay.

Do the harsh Atlantic climate and the difficult growing conditions on Islay leave their mark on the barley and therefore give the typically fruity and floral Bruichladdich style a certain wild additional note?

Does the salty sea spray that seeps into the fields and warehouses have a flavourful influence on the casks and their precious contents?

The Islay Barley 2012, like the Vintages before it, answers all these questions with a very clear "yes".

The Islay Barley 2012