Lateltin Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The order is deemed to be accepted if it is confirmed by us in writing, or if no rejection is issued within 15 days. Unless otherwise agreed, prices are deemed to include glass and packaging, without returns, but do not include value-added tax. Payment is within 30 days net unless net cash conditions have been expressly agreed. For deliveries of invoice amounts* of up to CHF 500.00, the full cost of shipping will be charged. For invoice amounts* of CHF 500.00 to CHF 750.00, partial shipping costs will be charged as a flat rate of CHF 25.00. Deliveries with invoice amounts* of over CHF 750.00 are delivered free of charge.

Delivery capacities, delivery restrictions, governmental measures, rationing, traffic and operational disruptions, war, industrial action, insufficient supply and all other cases of force majeure remain reserved. In the event of increases to customs charges, alcohol taxes or other fiscal burdens, increased freight and transport costs, or other changes to our production costs for any reason, we are entitled to apply a price increase or cancel the sale.

In the case of sales for later or subsequent deliveries (forward or on-call orders), we reserve the right to special delivery capacity. Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the terms and conditions of sale also apply in such cases.

All orders are subject to fixed payment. Orders will not be delivered on consignment. If returns are permitted in special exceptional cases that are to be agreed, a deduction of at least 20% of the amount charged will be applied depending on the condition of the goods. Notices of defects must be submitted within eight days of receiving the goods. Failure to comply with our payment terms or unfavourable information subsequently received shall result in our being released from our obligation to deliver without prior warning or notice. In such cases, we are not liable for damage resulting from non-performance or delayed delivery. The goods shall remain our property until the invoice is settled.

The place of performance for delivery and payment for both parties shall be Winterthur in all cases. The place of jurisdiction is Winterthur.

*exkl. MwSt.