Lateltin values

Our values

Some things have changed over Lateltin’s 125 years of history. What has remained the same is our value-oriented approach to both internal and external stakeholders.  


We treat our staff with a cooperative management approach that incorporates respect, tolerance and a sense of social responsibility. This creates the trust required for an open, constructive working relationship on all levels. 


We are constantly striving to improve what we have and develop new additions. This attitude helps us develop solutions for various (new) requirements on a daily basis.


Quality awareness forms the basis of our daily activities. By constantly scrutinising processes and procedures, we ensure high quality and quantity levels. Reliability for all stakeholders is very important to us.


Through jobs, active involvement in associations, and consistent career promotion, we are striving to fulfil our responsibility to the state and the general public.


We strongly believe in sustainable climate protection. By voluntarily joining the EnAW (Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft) programme, we have committed to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimising energy efficiency. This includes elements such as operating one of the largest solar panel systems in Winterthur. 

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