DelFino stands for premium liqueurs from Lateltin AG. Rounded, well-balanced aromas and top quality are the ingredients behind the success of the DelFino line. The range consists of Orange Brandy, Caffè Espresso and Amaretto. The Orange Brandy and Amaretto versions have already been named ‘Golden Liqueurs’ by DistiSuisse.

DelFino Amaretto

28% vol.

DelFino Amaretto is made to an old mountain farming recipe from the Trieste region. It is bottled after a long period of maturation, giving it its rounded, well-balanced aroma. DelFino Amaretto is delicious enjoyed neat or in coffee. It was named ‘Golden Liqueur’ by DistiSuisse.

Available as: 700ml


DelFino Orange Brandy

45% vol.

This liqueur is primarily used in cooking. Its 45% vol. alcohol content allows a variety of dishes to be flambéed, adding a particularly elegant touch to your menus. DelFino Orange Brandy was named ‘Golden Liqueur 2011/12’ by DistiSuisse.

Available as: trio (3x20ml), 200ml, 350ml, 700ml