Metaxa – The Spirit of Greece

Spyros Metaxa was inspired by the art of old Greek winemaking. In 1880, Spyros Metaxa and his two brothers moved to Piraeus to try their fortune and acquired extensive vineyards in top locations in southern Attica. He soon started combining various wines and distilling them using traditional processes. In 1888, he gave his name to the exceptional result – Metaxa.

Metaxa 5 Stars

38% vol.

Metaxa 5* is not just a Greek speciality – Metaxa 5* is Greece! With its pleasantly mild, smooth flavour, it offers a touch of the Mediterranean for men and women alike. Metaxa 5* gains its honey yellow colour from Limousin oak barrels. Metaxa 5* makes a great digestif served neat or on the rocks, but can also be mixed with ginger ale or tonic to create a refreshing long drink. A vital part of any bar.

Available as: 700ml



Metaxa 12 Stars

40% vol.

Created by the METAXA MASTER Constantinos Raptis, METAXA 12 is the result of craftsmanship refined over years, from selecting wine brandies to maturation to blending.


Gleaming amber

Orange peel, coffee, chocolate and toasted oak

Elegant and full. Dried fruit, orange peel and spice notes.

Lingering and aromatic with touches of orange peel and spice.

Available as: 700ml