Parker’s Cresta Brown is a well-balanced blend of top-quality rums from the Caribbean. A pure delight for connoisseurs, Parker’s Cresta Brown makes an excellent base for long drinks and cocktails. At 50% vol., Parker’s Cresta White is the perfect rum for preserving fruit and is equally fantastic for baking or flambéing.

Parker’s Cresta Rum Brown

40% vol.

Parker’s Cresta Rum Brown has a complex, full-bodied aroma. It is delicately sweet with lots of exotic notes. The flavour spectrum ranges from vanilla to cocoa to nutty touches. Its full power comes to the fore best when enjoyed straight. Its aromas mean that it is excellent for flambéing, particularly fruit such as bananas.

Available as: 20ml shot glass, trio (3x20ml), 100ml pocket bottle, 200ml



Parker’s Cresta Rum White

50% vol.

Parker’s Cresta Rum White is the perfect choice for soaking fruit. A high-alcohol rum is required to preserve the fruit and stop it from fermenting. This white, crystal-clear rum is ideal, as it prevents the fruit from taking on the rum’s colour.

Available as: 700ml