Camis & Stock was founded by Lionello Stock in 1884 in Trieste, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later joining Italy. It is now the Stock Spirits Group, a leading producer of brand spirits and liqueurs in Europe.

Stock 84 Spirit Drink

38% vol.

Stock 84 has been made in the Italian city of Trieste since 1884. Its incomparable character is the result of many years of maturation in barrels. It has a uniquely smooth texture and a mild flavour, to which it owes its popularity.

Available as: 700ml

Stock Limoncè

25% vol.

Limoncè is an authentic limoncello. It is made in traditional Italian style using natural ingredients. It is made in traditional style using natural ingredients. Carefully selected sun-ripened lemons provide a very fresh, pleasant aroma. Limoncè is the perfect digestif. The full intensity of its flavours come through best when served straight.

Available as: 500ml, 1000ml