Barceló Rare Blends - Imperial Porto Cask

From the cane fields of the Dominican Republic to the bottle, Barceló Imperial has a history of prestige and excellence that positions it as the most awarded Dominican rum in the world.


Inspired by the emblematic family of Imperial rums and inspired by the use of barrels from different latitudes, the expert instinct that characterizes our Maestro Ronero has allowed spirits of extraordinary profiles and organoleptic complexity to be conceived; leading to Barceló Imperial Porto Cask.

Barceló Imperial Porto Cask, which is part of the exceptional Rare Blends Collection of Barceló rums, is born from the purest juice of the finest selection of Dominican sugar cane, grown in our own fields. The result of aging the reserves of our most precious rums in oak barrels with different degrees of toast, carefully selected by our expert master coopers.

Once the blend is finished, Porto Cask is matured in authentic Tawny 10 port wine casks to provide the complexity and unique richness that defines this exuberant rum liqueur. Silky in style, Barceló Imperial Porto Cask is an exquisite spirit, born to fascinate the most sophisticated palates.

Tasting Notes

Exuberant purplish amber color. Aromas of fig cream and wild fruit jams. Pronounced aromas of English butterscotch and dried cherries. Subtle but persistent wood nose. Silky and sweet on the palate with a long, lingering finish. Ideal for those who seek to enjoy new experiences.