G'nuine Zero, Cucumber & Lemongrass

Welcome to the world of taste without compromise! G'nuine Zero Cucumber Lemongrass is the alcohol-free gin alternative specially developed for sophisticated bartenders and connoisseurs. Produced in our traditional Swiss company Lateltin in Winterthur, G'nuine Zero impresses with its local production and the use of exclusively natural ingredients.

The innovative recipe with the refreshing aroma of cucumber and lemongrass is rounded off with notes of juniper and a secret mix of alpine herbs, which add a special depth and complexity.

G'nuine Zero is proud to be developed and produced in Switzerland. Each bottle is carefully crafted by our experienced team to bring you an authentic and memorable taste experience. Because at G'nuine Zero, we firmly believe that you don't have to sacrifice indulgence when you choose not to drink alcohol.

Whether in sophisticated cocktails in a bar or mixed yourself as a Virgin Gin Tonic for a relaxed evening at home - G'nuine Zero represents genuine quality and alcohol-free enjoyment