Swiss Mountain Liqueur Cold Brew Coffee

Excellent combination of strong coffee and Swiss Mountain Rugen whisky.

Colour:    Dark coffee brown with an amber shimmer. 
Aroma:    Pleasant coffee-mocha aroma with a light herbal note. Subtle vanilla and caramel flavours, surrounded by the aroma of fresh brown bread. 
Palate:    The first sip reveals a harmonious combination of strong coffee and the warmth of the whisky. The flavour of roasted coffee beans is accompanied by the sweet nuances of salted caramel and a light fruitiness. The stimulating spiciness is reminiscent of dark chocolate and liquorice. The finish is lang and pleasant with a subtle oak note. 

Enjoy pure as a special ingredient, on ice or in a variety of cocktails. The combination of coffee and whisky creates a rich and complex flavour.