Kentucky Owl was founded in 1879 by pharmacist Charles Mortimer Dedman, whose distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River produced "The wise man's bourbon" for decades - until Prohibition put an end to the party in 1916. 250,000 gallons of Kentucky Owl were seized by federal agents and transported upriver to the state capital, where they were "safely stored" in a warehouse.... One night shortly thereafter, the warehouse mysteriously burned down, along with all the bourbon. The Dedmans never received a penny for the lost bourbon, and Kentucky Owl disappeared into the oblivion of family history. Until now. 

Kentucky Owl Confiscated

48.2 % vol

Kentucky Owl® Confiscated is a tribute to the casks that were confiscated at the Kentucky Owl® distillery before Prohibition. On the nose, there are hints of peach, ripe oak, vanilla and tobacco with aromas of cardamom. On the palate there is spicy oak, peaches and cream and cinnamon butter, while the finish offers herbal notes and plenty of spice, rounded off by nutmeg. 


Kentucky Owl Wiseman Bourbon

45.4 % vol

The combination of Natural limestone filtered water, rich cereal yielding farmland and generations of distilling excellence are the dream trifecta from which to harvest the cream of the crop for our finest creations. A blend of 4 Kentucky Straight Bourbons selected for their unique profile and structure. Two were made to our specifications and two were selected by John Rhea. 

With THE WISEMAN Bourbon the first thing you discover is  a sweet caramel aroma, followed by a warming allspice lift, a  sprinkling of citrus and a hint of oak.

THE WISEMAN Bourbon offers caramel and allspice which  present an excellent flavor as the mildly silky liquid crosses the  tongue. The allspice sticks around for a longer finish with caramel


Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Rye

50.4 % vol

THE WISEMAN Straight Rye is a traditional Rye made with a mash bill of 95% Rye.

THE WISEMAN Straight Rye has rich and spicy nose, with hints of fresh rye bread, slight hints of sweet caramel and cinnamon. It tickles the senses with its spice inviting you to taste.

THE WISEMAN Straight Rye has a spicy character that instantly fills the mouth with rich rye flavor and tickles the taste buds. It has a long finish starting out as fresh Rye bread, then slowly moving toward buttered cinnamon toast, ending with just hint of English walnut.